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“Are You Leaving Valuable Revenue on the Table”


It doesn’t matter whether your hospital is in a lien county, one of the 33 lien states or one of the 17 states without statutory liens, if patients come to your facility because of an accident and you are not availing your hospital of a lien or Contract of Protection (C.O.P.) with the proper follow-up you owe it to yourself to read further.


Hospital Lien Strategies and its principals, attorneys Mary Hammel and Connie Kaplan work with hospitals and healthcare systems nationally to maximize recovery of Third Party Liability Cases.  Their sole focus is uncovering valuable dollars that would otherwise be left on the table.  Hospital Lien Strategies specializes in securing full reimbursement for admissions that result from an accident or other third party liability injury.  Hospital Lien Laws and COPs entitle the hospital to reimbursement of its charges from any lawsuit or settlement the patient or their attorney reaches with the party that is responsible for the injuries that caused the patient’s admission to the hospital.


Hospital Lien Strategies ensures the hospital receives priority of payment with a Hospital Lien or C.O.P from Personal Injury Protection (PIP), no-fault and other liability insurance available to the patient. The priority of payment extends to:


Hospital Lien Strategies specializes in the recovery of Liability Accounts that are usually associated with injuries that are caused by the fault or negligence of a third party.  These accounts include but are not limited to:


Hospital Lien Strategies maximizes reimbursement on Medicare and Medicaid eligible accounts. The Federal Government insists that Medicaid and Medicare be reimbursed or not billed when there are other monies available to pay the hospital bill.  In order to be in compliance with these guidelines and survive an audit intact Hospital Lien Strategies will assert the right to payment of full charges instead of accepting the greatly reduced Medicare or Medicaid payment when conditions warrant.